Snatch the kibble from my hand…







Capturing Textures


My goal with this photograph was to be able to capture the texture of the water as it rolled off the edges of the fountain. I love images of water rushing over surfaces. I want to be able to feel the full impact of the movement. With this photograph I tried a conventional presentation but the water just didn’t have the true feeling of water the way I wanted it to. I decided to make the water fountain the main focus while still using the entire picture but moving it ‘backward’. I’m still not happy with the results but because it is large and darker I feel like I made it draw/force the  eye  to it. It feels a bit like cheating but I liked the general overall effect.

I settled [sigh].




Both of these beach scenes offer a wide number of textures. Whether I captured them as much as they could be, I’m not sure, which is why I am a student of photography.  The top photograph was especially exciting because of the almost crackled, dry look of the shore line. Again with both I did something that for me feels like cheating, I tweaked both photographs to get the best texture and feel.  But these are lessons and my goal is to “take” the photograph in such a way that it achieves what I want without having to manipulate it. It’s an ongoing process and thankfully, with photography, there’s unlimited room for many tries.


   This last photograph I like the best because there are so many textures and  it moves. From the concrete track with it’s etched lines to the rubber tires and even the woman’s hair. I often get lost in the minutiae, the cigarette in the drivers mouth, the pops of color. Now if I could only conjure up the smell of gasoline, burnt rubber and exhaust smoke.