What a jumbled mess

I just read this thing from start to finish…talk about a word salad.  Since I can’t get back into edit out all the jibberish…what follows is actually the contents of letters I have written or answered to friends which is why they make absolutely no sense. Well, to me it does. That’s what I get for saving every single word I write. But with no order or consistency. Hey, maybe I just enjoy sounding like a rambling lunatic. But know that it is just a pile of words that are meaningless to anyone but me. Sorry you had to stumble in here. If you go on a bit there’s some nice pictures and it looks like at one point I actually tried to make it have some sense but then I just got bored. The following are snippets of letters, emails and possibly prison correspondence. View it at your own risk. Children don’t try this without adult supervision.


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